The market is designed on 117.2 Hectares to provide over 80,000sqm of Mega Wholesale and Retail Warehouses and 10,000 Shops and Stalls targeted at harnessing product value-chain opportunities, as well as improve economic growth.

The success of several projects of this magnitude and nature of sensitivity are tied to the structure of implementation and ownership.

The KEC project will be delivered under a joint venture partnership of mutual benefit and collaboration between Brains and Hammers Limited and the Kano State Government where project risks have been appropriately shared in a bid to ensure successful delivery and use of the new market by traders and customers alike.

Central components of the KEC include but not limited to Trailer and Passenger Motor Parks, Conference Center, Amusement Park, Educational Institute, Petrol Stations, Hotels and Motels also form part of the project.

The essence is to provide a platform where entrepreneurs, traders, and business tycoons can have access to world class infrastructure befitting of a modern market place

The KEC project will be implemented in 3 phases which may span 5 – 7 years as part of the dual purpose strategy to address urgent motor and trailer park needs, set the foundation for functionality of the market (via operationalizing warehouses), and increase overall value of land and assets (duplex shops and market stalls) as the project progresses.
from lock-up shops to warehouses


Business tycoons who need an office space to showcase their products, hold business meetings, set-up restaurants, or even confectioneries, would enjoy the space offered by our Dabo Shop. It is built with a dedicated staircase and toilet which provides the unique solution for modern day business operations.


SQM/SHOP: 35sqm

For businesses more conservative on space but seek to retain luxury and class in their operations, the Bagauda shop offers 35 sqm with a staircase and dedicated toilet which can be used for several business operations, showrooms, etc.


SQM/SHOP: 9sqm

Market traders involved in trade of textiles, plastics, provisions, and other items may find our Dala Shop very convenient for their activities. They are all situated on ground floor of the market and offer reasonable space for business activities



Market traders involved in sale of complementary products, scarfs, IT gadgets and phones, smaller boutiques etc may find our Magwan Shop suitable for their activities which will allow them enjoy the benefit of pro.



Our Tiga Shop offers petty traders an opportunity to secure a formal space which provides them with prestige rather than having corner shop attachments. Traders of complementary items, phone accessories, confectioneries, recharge cards, etc may find this space suitable for their activities.


SQM/SHOP: 100sqm

Our Mega Warehouse provides over 6,000 cubic meters of stack-able space for companies/dealers in wholesale activities. Each warehouse is a standalone with an elevated office room for administrative activities.


SQM/SHOP: 1160sqm

Our Full Standard warehouse is strategically located facing the retail market in KEC, it offers ample space ( 6,960 cubic meters for Whole-sellers to stock goods which will be purchased from retailers across Duplex and Lock-up shops in the KEC retail market.


SQM/SHOP: 270sqm

For whole-sellers who prefer an office space with moderate storage, an A-partition provides about 1,500 cubic meters stacking space for products with an office space for administrative activities.


SQM/SHOP: 150sqm

For whole-sellers who prefer an office space with moderate storage, an B-partition provides about 900 cubic meters stacking space for products.