A Bold New Frontier for West Africa’s Economy: Brains and Hammers Revolutionizing the Landscape

Kano Economic City (KEC) is a massive economic hub situated on 117 hectares of land in Dangoro, Kano State, Nigeria. It is one of the largest economic centers in West Africa and a public-private partnership between the Kano State Government and Brains and Hammers. KEC was created to address the problems of fire outbreaks, accessibility, safety, and security in Kano markets while creating opportunities for growth and development.

KEC is a world-class premier economic hub, serviced by five major access points, a continuous power supply, including the national grid, solar power options, and backup generators. A constant water supply to the facility. 

The project is divided into three phases, each including well-designed components such as a pharmaceutical hub, an ICT hub, a textile hub, warehouses, trailer parks, a bus terminal, a container terminal, a trade center, recreational parks, hotels, and motels.

Phase 1 of KEC has already been completed, with the Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje Pharmaceutical Center being a standout feature. The center is designed to help control drug abuse and the sale of substandard drugs in society and is overseen by NAFDAC, NDLEA, and Kano Pharmaceutical partners. With over 2000 shops, the center provides ample opportunities for wholesalers.

The KEC structure is designed with protection, accessibility, and security in mind, with a fire station, spacious walkways, various access gates, fire exits, master points, and link bridges. Each block is made up of luxury duplexes and single shops that are for sale. To ensure organization and convenience, there are over a thousand parking spaces and a multi-level parking facility.

Several financial institutions have already invested in KEC, with many more opportunities available. The project will decongest and improve market accessibility, while also ensuring proper regulation of commercial activities in the state. KEC is poised to drive economic growth not only in Kano State and Nigeria but also in West Africa as a whole.

 KEC is a remarkable achievement that exemplifies the potential of public-private partnerships to spur economic growth, solve problems, and create development opportunities. It is a game-changer in West Africa’s economic landscape, and investors, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities it provides. With its impressive infrastructure, facilities, and services, KEC is poised to be a regional business and investment hub.