Celebrating Trailblazers and Overcoming Challenges!

We are reminded of the critical need for equal opportunity for men and women as we observe International Women’s Day this year with the topic “Gender Equity”. Regardless of gender, we must treat everyone with care and avoid any form of discrimination or segregation. We must address the gender disparities that have harmed our society and prevented people from accessing opportunities for a better existence, such as education, health care, and even economic opportunities, based solely on their gender.

Additionally, we must take into account the past social and economic inequalities that have kept women from competing on an equal footing with men. There must be certain tactics and actions taken in order to better achieve this. In this issue of our newsletter, we highlight the achievements of the top 5 Trail Blazers—women who have defied expectations and surmounted challenges to have a profound effect on the economy of their respective countries.

We also take a look at historical figures who were women and left a lasting impression on the globe. These women have set an example for future generations of women, from Funmilayo Kuti, the Lioness of Lisabi, to Grace Alele-Williams, the first woman in Nigeria to earn a Ph.D. Additionally, we discuss the particular difficulties that women encounter in real estate sales and provide workable strategies for overcoming them. We offer tips and tactics to support women in this cutthroat profession, from overcoming gender biases to developing a solid support network.

Reaffirming our commitment to the cause of gender equality on this International Women’s Day, let’s work to build a society where everyone, regardless of gender, has the chance to prosper.