Navigating the Boys’ Club

For ladies, the real estate business can be difficult. Women in this industry face particular challenges, such as overcoming gender bias and working hard to advance in a male-dominated profession. 

Young real estate agent Tola talked about how she felt undervalued by her masculine coworkers. Because they believe a man would be more informed or competent, some clients have requested to work with a male agent, I’ve heard. I know I’m just as competent, if not more so, so it’s frustrating.

Experienced real estate developer Nkechi discussed the difficulties in juggling job and family obligations. “In order to get to where I am now, I had to make a lot of compromises. There have been occasions when I had to attend work and lost out on significant family occasions. Even though it’s difficult, I’m willing to put in the effort because I enjoy what I do. 

Successful real estate speculator Hajia talked about how difficult it is for women to be taken seriously in a field that is predominately male. “There have been instances where I felt as though I needed to work twice as hard to demonstrate my worth. Although unfair, this is the way the business is.

Sonia, a real estate attorney, spoke about her encounters with prejudice based on gender. Male coworkers have questioned my skills based solely on my gender, she said. Although it is upsetting and discouraging, I have learned to stand up for myself and disprove them. 

Real estate agent Onome discussed the value of creating a solid network. “Networking is essential in this field, but it can be challenging for women. It’s critical to locate other female professionals in your field who can serve as mentors and allies.

Real estate broker Madam J discussed the difficulty of getting past the “old boys’ club” mindset. “When so many of the top jobs are held by males, it can be difficult to advance. In order to assist in removing these barriers, we need more women in executive positions. 

These ladies are committed to making it in the real estate business despite the obstacles. They stressed the value of putting in a lot of effort, developing a solid network, and never giving up on one’s goals.

We may encounter particular difficulties as women in this field, but that only makes us more resilient, as Nkechi put it. We won’t permit anyone to hinder us. 

In the end, it is evident that these women are opening doors for upcoming waves of female real estate professionals. They are dismantling stereotypes and demonstrating that women can be successful in any field as long as they are persistent and ready to work hard.